Ireland a small island country with population little over 4.6 million, appeals international students from every corner of the globe, thanks to the high quality education system, student friendly atmosphere and its close proximity with the United Kingdom.

Irish Education System

Higher Education in Ireland is provided mainly by 7 Universities, 14 Institutes of Technology, 7 Colleges of Education and a number of third level institutions that provide specialist education in such fields as art and design, medicine, business studies, technology, music and law. These institutions are substantially funded by the State but autonomous and self-governing.

Entry Criteria

  • Undergraduate programs - 10+2 or equivalent
  • Postgraduate program - a bachelor’s degree in any field

Most institutions have their own eligibility criteria and student can apply based on current profile.

Admission Intakes

  • Major intake – September
  • Other Intakes – January, May

Cost of Education

Tuition fee:

  • Masters programs - €8500 €13000 per year
  • Diploma programs - €7000 €10000 per year

Yearly living costs:

€7000 to €11,000 (depending on location and lifestyle)

In its 14 long years of existence Adept has helped numerous students for Irish institutions. We have a special wing of officers dedicated to help students for Ireland admissions, their visa and related logistics issues.

Why study in Ireland

  • The Irish education system is one of the best in Europe ranking among the top 20 higher education system. Education has made it the best place as a growing economy in the world for the past decade.
  • Most of the Ireland’s institutions are internationally ranked offering more than 5000 programs in an array of streams such as medicine, science, technology, engineering, business, law and so on.
  • Ireland has English as its national language so mostly Asians find it easy to choose Ireland as their study destination. It is easy for you to learn and pick up course with the same known language.
  • Ireland is renowned for its high quality scientific research methods, making it the most desirable place for India and countries like India to follow in research fields.
  • There are many MNCs in Ireland which is the other advantage for FDI to take place giving rise to more exposure to students and better job opportunities after study.
  • Native literature resonate Ireland its pride as famous authors like GB Shaw, Yeats are born in Ireland. Literature students have a great reason to choose Ireland as their study option.
  • While studying abroad, you will want to explore, travel within your time management plans. Ireland is culturally rich and possesses a great heritage with its music, sports and language known as Gaelic.
  • Ireland has the younger generation of population of around 40% who are under age 25 and is lively and modern. It is also safe to be Ireland due to its developed democracy and multi-global economy.
  • Ireland’s government allows students to remain after study for duration of 6 months until they seek employment making them eligible to apply for Green Card or a work permit.
  • The statistics show that the number of students to Ireland has increased over years from around the world mainly because of its higher education standards and curriculum.

Admission Process

The admission process is extremely short and quick. Students can apply to the educational institute with application form, relevant academic documents etc. (for a complete list please contact our offices). Universities and other institutions take about 1 to 2 weeks for processing an application.

Once admission is confirmed students have to apply for pre visa approval from Ireland Embassy. After Pre visa approval students will be intimated by Ireland High Commission to make one term fee payment. After paying the fees, students get visa approved.

Getting Ireland Student Visa

On receiving an admit or in principal approval a student can apply for Irish visa. A police clearance will be needed before an application for a visa is made. The visa application form along with the relevant admission, educational and financial documents have to be submitted to the Irish embassy.

The visa office takes anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks based on the number of pending applications in queue to communicate its acceptance. The visa is usually for a period of 3 months only and has to be extended after joining the educational institution.

At Adept we provide all kind of guidance so you can arrange the right documents required to apply for your student visa. To know more about Visa requirements and preparation meet our visa expert for Ireland at our office or just call at: 9000 5111 44 / 8008 2111 44.

Admission Intakes:

  • Feb / March
  • July / August
  • November

Admission Intakes:

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