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Canada has been continuously recognized for its quality life and higher education facility in a global setting. Canadian institutions are internationally attentive on various global issues and making research through its education process itself. Known for its immigration tradition, the country encourages diverse cultures and languages.

Canadian Education System

Canada has a well-recognized and quality education system. Canada has Public and Private universities that offer degree programs and government funded community colleges that offer a wide variety of diploma, post graduate diploma and certificate programs. Entry criteria for public universities are high. Indian students prefer community colleges due to benefits provided under the Student Partnership Program and a simple admission process.

Entry Criteria

  • Undergraduate diploma and certificate programs - 10+2 or equivalent
  • Post graduate program - bachelor’s degree

However conditions may be relaxed based on candidate profile. Students can also take a different course compared to their past academic background. For admission into master’s program students require strong academic profile in addition to the above basic requirements.

Doctoral programs are limited and requirements change based on program and profile.

Admission Intakes

  • January
  • September
  • May / June – few institutions with limited courses

Cost of Education

Tuition fee:

  • Community colleges - CAD $10,000 to 14,000 per year
  • Universities - CAD $ 10,000 to 22,000 per year

Yearly living costs:

CAD $10,000 (as per Canada immigration department)

In its 14 long years of existence Adept has helped numerous students for Irish institutions. We have a special wing of officers dedicated to help students for Canadian admissions, their visa and related logistics issues.

5 reasons why you should study in Canada

Scholarships galore

With very low cost, the rewards for studying in Canada are earnest when compared to its neighboring countries. There are quite a number of scholarship offers for international students such as government and university scholarships available to extraordinary performing students in Ph.D enrolling in Canadian universities and grants of $50000 annual. You can make use of a searchable database for international scholarships. Just select your

Most attractive country

More than 200000 international students and researchers wish to study in Canada every year purely for its renowned universities, low costs and its sheer size of the country. It has a welcoming culture and vivacious multi-ethnic groups are well represented. The abundance of recreational activities, celebrations and other sight-seeing splendor associated with shopping, restaurants could not be limited to one simple list.

High employment ratio

Job placements are sound for Canada’s international graduates. More than 90% of Canada’s alumni are employed within six months of graduation as Canada’s emphasis on industry-oriented research and collaboration agreements with universities. Canada is an international hub for computer and information technology providing expertise in telecommunications, medicine, engineering and lot others.

Tech-savvy nation

Canada’s schools and colleges are highly tech-savvy because it is the first country to connect schools and libraries to the internet. It’s state of the art facilities yearn for a student to make it an enticing place to study. It’s education policy allows the international students to be doubled by 2022.

Getting student visa is easier

Since the Canadian Council of Ministers of Education announced that attracting international students is its priority, student visa is not harder to get for a prospective student. Work permits to full-time students completing a degree, diploma or certificate with a maximum of working hours of 20.

Admission Process

Admission process is fairly simple. A Student needs to submit:

  • Application form
  • Relevant fees
  • Past academic documents
  • English proficiency certificate (IELTS)

Admission in Canada takes about 3 to 4 weeks. It is recommended to apply 4-6 months prior to the beginning of the program. Whereas the universities admission process takes 3-6 months of time.

Getting Canadian Student Visa

Apart from Academic documents, IELTS Score, Application form, to get a student visa, students have to prove that they have enough finances to pay for living expenses, education costs and traveling expenses.

Students have to pay 1st Semester fee in advance to the Canadian college. For living expenses the candidate has to show living expenses through GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) from Scotia Bank in advance into a specially designated bank account in student's name which will periodically release funds for when the student is in Canada.

Processing time for Canadian student visa is about 1-2 weeks’ time.

Under the new SPP route visa success rate is very high with little documentation.

After completing 1 year of open work permit, candidates are eligible to apply for permanent residency for Canada under various immigration programs.

At Adept we provide all kind of guidance so you can arrange the right documents required to apply for your student visa. To know more about Visa requirements and preparation meet our visa expert for Canada at our office or just call at: 9000 5111 44.

Admission Intakes:

  • Feb / March
  • July / August
  • November

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