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Study in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand prepares you for a unique country with excellent study opportunities. New Zealand is a much secured place and appreciates all kinds of communities and cultures. No doubt it makes an interesting destination for international students by means of well esteemed universities. New Zealand’s education system is based on British system offering plentiful opportunities for research and internships where students build practical abilities for their career and academic life.

New Zealand Education System

New Zealand has 3 categories of educational institutions public universities, polytechnics and Private Training Providers. New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) provides accreditations to these private institutions for issuing degrees and diplomas. Course fees in New Zealand institutions are quite affordable as well as living expenditure as New Zealand dollar (currency) exchange rates are lower than US dollars, UK Pounds and Australian dollars.

Apart from the popular courses like IT, engineering and business management New Zealand institutions offer a variety of interesting programs like aviation flight training, air traffic control, dance, design and arts, religious studies, travel and tourism and hospitality courses.

New Zealand offers options for both undergraduate and post graduate programs. A student can choose from a degree or diploma based on their qualification and interest. Both of them are recognized for jobs within New Zealand and immigration purposes.

Entry Criteria

  • Diploma and certificate programs - 10+2 or equivalent
  • Post graduate program - bachelor’s degree

Past academic record in the same field is required except for admission into management fields which is open to all students. However some institutions require past work experience for management courses. Academic programs are divided into levels and students with strong academic profile can get admission into higher level courses compared to average students. However most students can find programs that fit their profile.

Doctoral programs are also available for some streams.

Admission Intakes

  • Main Intakes – February and September
  • Other Intakes – May, July, November

Cost of Education

Tuition fee:

  • Undergraduate students – NZ$ 14,000 to NZ$ 19,000 per year
  • Post graduate programs - NZ$ 12,000 to NZ$ 20,000 per year
  • Management course - up to NZ$ 24,000 per year

Yearly living costs: NZ$ 15,000

In its 14 long years of existence Adept has helped numerous students for Kiwi institutions. We have a special wing of officers dedicated to help students for Kiwi admissions, their visa and related logistics issues.

Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand Universities offer high quality PhD and Masters

New Zealand has many types of post graduate educational institutions, universities, colleges and polytechnics. There are 8 high quality educational universities in New Zealand which already have international students dedicated to foreigners who wish to study in New Zealand.

Programmes and courses appear in international university rankings namely Times Higher Education Top 500 and Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 500. New Zealand universities offer plenty of opportunities for undergraduate and post graduate programmes which spans from a minimum of two years to a maximum of 3 years.

Internationally recognised

A degree earned through study in New Zealand university and colleges is recognized across the globe by both academicians and industries with high dignity so one must not worryabout that.

Quality education and teaching

Teaching standards are distinguished with class sizes limited to minimum allowing personal attention to students. University staff blends research and teaching who come different parts of the world.

Life Experience

New Zealand’s natural splendor will not go unnoticed wherever you choose to study. You will surely be stumbling upon a beach or a riverfall around your campus. The scenery is spell binding alongside a wildlife which you can fancy an adventure trip. New Zealand has many mountains, lakes that are unusually easy to access.

Exceptional hospitality

New Zealand welcomes guests with whole heartedness and respect, taking special care for hospitality and friendliness. More than the place, you’ll see the people to be sharing warmth and connecting especially by inviting to games and other recreations. New Zealand people understand how a newcomer from another country feels like and the importance of welcoming.

Admission Process for New Zealand

Admission process is easy. You needs to submit:

  • Admission application form
  • Tuition fees
  • Your all academic documents
  • English proficiency certificate (IELTS)

You should apply at least 3-4 months prior to your semester in New Zealand institutions. Admission takes about 2 weeks for private colleges, 4 weeks for polytechnics and 8-12 weeks for universities.

Getting New Zealand Student Visa

Apart from Academic documents, IELTS Score, Application form, to get a student visa, students have to prove that they have enough finances to pay for living expenses, education costs and traveling expenses.

Some students may be required to attend a telephonic interview with at New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi or provide further information to enable the visa officer to make a decision. Students will be required to show NZ$15,000 per year towards living expenses as finances for visa purposes. Under the new FTZ scheme students can optionally deposit this into a specially designated bank account to be released periodically during the course of study.

You will receive a written confirmation of your visa approval once the New Zealand visa officer approves your application. You will be asked to submit the receipt of tuition fees issued by your university or college and any other documents related to that.

You visa will be valid for a period in proportion to the duration of the tuition fees you paid. If you paid the entire course fee, then you wil get visa for the entire course period.

At Adept we provide all kind of guidance so you can arrange the right documents required to apply for your student visa. To know more about Visa requirements and preparation meet our visa expert for New Zealand at our office or just call at: 9000511144, 9010811144.

Admission Intakes:

  • Feb / March
  • July / August
  • November

Admission Intakes:

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